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Civil War – Alderaan.
The main objective here is to control the turrets spread around the map and protect them as they fire upon the enemy ship. Once your faction gains control of the turret you need to protect it and prevent the enemy from capturing it or they will turn it on to your faction ship.
The main term here is capping – it is the action the player takes by clicking on the goal which starts a short animation of him hacking a computer panel in order to control the turret . Capping can be stopped by any damaging action taken against that player. Therefore, the main thing to remember is to always target the capper ;p. Even if you know that the enemy is going to kill you soon, it is vital to attack any person capping for as long as possible, even at a cost of your life ;p.
Republic Players start on the southern end of this map and Empire players start on the northern end. Once the Warzone starts speeders will appear in the control room. Right click on the speeder to get to the safe zone from where you can go in any of the three directions.
Immediately in front of you is the middle objective, which is where the main bulk of the battle generally takes place. To the left and right you will see other turrets. Each faction has a pretty straightforward access to the middle turret and its own left side turret. In order to get to the right hand turret you will need to do some running.
It is important to remember that left and right do not mean respectively west and east on the map. Those are the directions in which you will be moving right after you land in a warzone. Left side is generally considered your faction side and right side is the enemy faction side. Ill explain later why.
Republic side - left is west, right is east
Imperial side – left is east, right is west
You will win this Warzone if you destroy the enemy ship. For every turret you control you will deal 5 points of damage to the enemy base. There are a great many strategies as to how to achieve that goal but the main thing is this, you will need to communicate, and adapt as the circumstances change very rapidly in this warzone.
Strategies in this warzone
1 left 7 mid – this is the most used offensive strategy, and as such it will only succeed of you team consists of offensively stronger players. The point in here is that the fastest ‘’expendable’’ member of the team – Usually a low level Sage/Sorcerer, Shadow/Assassin moves to cap the left side turret and the rest of the time just charges mid. This strategy is as crude as a plank with a nail in it but it is effective and moreover it saves time because most players are familiar with it and you do not spend time arguing.
- It is important to remember that the player going left needs to be always on the lookout for incoming enemy troops and if he sees any he should immediately call for example ‘’left inc 3’’
Pros – if executed correctly, this move lets you quickly achieve victory against a weaker group.
Cons – this move leaves you very vulnerable on the left flank which can be easily exploited by a strong stealth character or even a regular char on a speed boost.
- As is the case with any tactics, if you stick with this one blindly, and not react to changes on the battlefield you will loose.
Tip - this format saves time because if you prepare the message before it allows you to just change the last number to give the team leader the whole perspective.
General Civil War tips
- Always fight by the turret; it is prevention that wins this game, not killing of wandering enemies.
- Focus on taking out healers if they are guarding the nodes, or CC them long enough to kill who they are healing
- If you are outnumbered and clearly not going to win at a node AoE the "flag" and keep the enemy team off of it for as long as possible.
- In the underground corridor below the central turret there is a speed power up, there are also dmg power ups by the corridor entrance.
- Communicate! Talking with your teammates will always help you win the game -
- In your factions ship on the far left and far right hand sides there are two speeders that will spawn when you have control of either the right or left turrets, respectively. Taking either one of these speeders will take you directly to the right or left bases. Keep this in mind if a base is under attack and needs immediate assistance.
Huttball is one of the more unique Warzones currently available in Swtor. This Warzone is located on the neutrall planet of Hutta allows you to play against other players of your faction, much like the later Novara Coast. The main objective of Huttball is to grab the Huttball which spawns in the center of the map and take it to the enemies score zone.
Remember – the ball is your main and only focus here, all else is just decoration.
If you make it to the enemies score zone with the ball you will earn a point for your team. Since almost everyone will be focused on the ball carrier it is important that the most durable player on your team (a tank) runs the Huttball. There is also an alternate strategy but that will be explained later.
All around the arena you will find, traps and vents ‘brought to you by the Czerka Corporation’ which can be used either for transportation or for combat. A good usage of the traps, and familiarity with their layout should be your main goal for the first couple of matches. Believe me, at first you will be so bewildered that you might even score a point …… to your own goal ;p. I know I did, anyway.
Vent – this is an airshaft that throws you randomly up in the air. I think there is a more or less 50 percent chance that you will land up in any reasonable place, but it might get you a lot of unwanted attention. Generally, if you just caught a ball in the center, the best approach is to pass it to anyone standing on the level above, and then try to use the vent.
Acid trap – located in the middle of the arena on both sides it partially blocks access to the ball for both teams. In addition to high damage dealt it also slows you down unbearably ;p. Although I have seen some desperados who tried jumping straight through the trap, it generally didn’t end up with them getting the ball any sooner, and even when they did, they were too weak to keep it and fell to the sword…My advice, jump across the corner, and then jump to the side. It is the fastest way to get through the trap. That does not apply to tanks, who have defensive cooldowns, if u are one, you can run through acid (if geared well)
Fire trap – those babies are both your friend and your worst enemy, depending on whether you are in offence or in defense. You will notice that they operate in 3 modes, all in a few sec timeframe. They can be lit, burning up, or closed. If you see a burning up trap you just know that in a sec it will be ready to go.
In offence – waiting for a trap to stop burning is usually a waste of time. If you can just pass the ball to any player around, and hopefully it will draw aggro from you, allowing you to cross the trap. Always have a clear ability – that allows you to escape effects of CC – ready, because the most common approach to this trap is to lure people in it and then CC them. It doesn’t get you medals but is reaaaaaaly satisfying.

This is the source of my greatest frustration, and my greatest joys as per warzoning in SWTOR. This is where I found out that most people have no idea about mathematics ;p. The fact that at the start even in lvl 55 warzone I need to explain people that spreading your forces to thin is a sure-lose strategy in this game, made me cry on more than one occasion ;p
First of some raw facts
In the middle there are 4 Gree Orbs that can be capped and gained. Once clicked they give a 60 seconds buff and you must run to a pylon your team controls to deposit it and gain points.
If you deposit an energy orb to your pylon, the points are permanent and not wiped out if you lose a pylon. The amount of points you gain for depositing an orb is twice that of killing players.
• 6 Points for the first phase
• 8 Points for the second phase
• 10 Points for the third phase
• 12 Points for the fourth phase
Capping the pylon has a 6 sec timer, while good cc lasts 8 sec
Judging by the data above I would say the right approach is obvious. IT. IS. NOT. At least not to most players. I blame the education system 
Instead of telling you what is the best approach let me show you some in game fuckups that people have made in my presence so you know what NOT TO DO.
Case 1 – 1 group of players spreads their forces to go 4 on 4 to both pylons.
-They take them of course because the other team went 1/7 ( one to pylon 7 to orbs).
- In about 10 seconds our team gets 180 points and 3 points for any player killed while holding the pylon, or 6 when holding 2.
-The other team has no points so far but they use the time wisely and take 4 orbs, and then run to their pylon.
- in 30 seconds 8 (yes eight ) players run to their a pylon of their choosing - 4 of them carrying orbs.
- the enemy team has 4 players on each side and don’t have time to reinforce the other pylon, 4 of them die.
- The enemy team takes their pylon and deposit orbs. They gain 87 points for capturing the pylon and 24 points for orbs effectively gaining 111 points. We lose points for kills, and get no points for orbs – our score goes back to 87.
Case 2 – a player goes to the pylon, caps it but then goes bored and runs back mid. Alternatively, he stays there but doesn’t call incoming. Alternatively he does everything right but gets CC from ninja player (operative/smuggler, Shadow/assassin) and because the cc is 8 sec long and he used his cc breaker on the first one ( common mistake) he can’t stop the 6 sec channeling time on the pylon. Then last but not least, 2 or more(but that is excessive) ninjas go in and cc and cap at the same time. If properly executed it is unstoppable.
In this case if the hostile takeover takes place in the middle or beginning of the phase it can, and should, be countered immediately, by sending full force to the pylon. If it takes place in a 30 sec window to the end ( as it bloody should ;p) it can’t be countered and means the enemy team gets not only the points for capturing the second pylon but also resets the kill points the other team has accumulated ( orbs points stay ).
Now please, potential reader, let me not insult your intelligence by spelling’ out exactly what needs to be done in this particular warzone ;p. I will however, if any of you expresses such need upon reading it 

This is by far my favorite warzone, because I love stealthing and properly executed stealth attack in here Is a win or lose . For starters let me recount you one of my many ;p victories here.
Case 1 – Our team is attacking. A whole team decides to go left, drawing the full force there. Only one player of the enemy team stays in the right. After the initial assault i go right passing the enemy and capping the right door. The enemy doesn’t see me, cause he is stupid and stays in a bad spot ;p. After that I go into stealth and cc him until bomb blows.
- After that I run through the corridor. The poor noob got in a fight with one of my m8s who came to help on the right, so I get to the bridge and cap it, without interference
- The poor fucks are mostly still on the other side, so I run to the second door and plant a bomb on it. Alternatively I run to the door in front of the unopened bridge, to confuse them. Regardless of the approach I cap the door.
- At this point the enemies are starting to lose faith and quit ;p
- I run through the second corridor getting to the first panel and capping it quickly. The enemies are either on the other side of the glass ( if they died) or still running along with my m8s, who are doing a good job of slowing them down so I can cap.
- All this happens so quickly that when I go to the door, the enemies are still in the rest zone biting their nails ;p.
- I cap the door and wait for the m8s to help me fight the pesky defenders.
- The door blows – I run thru and cap the datacron
What is written above is not my wet dream or fan fiction ;p. This is how I or in some cases my team mates have won this game on more than one occasion. The tactic only works if you are against noobs, but that happens more often than you might suspect. In fact I think we all can say we were also on the receiving end of that stick ;p.
Case 2 – Our team is attacking. As before the initial attack is all left, but the enemies are smart and call their incs well. With good healing tanking , and general “role playing”. The enemies should fall to the sword, because they need to hold 1 right just in case and we can commit fully. All that needs to be done is kill off the first wave of defenders and then cc the second once they run out of the safe zone.
- IF the teams are evenly matched, 2 of the above can be done. 1) draw them out by taking the fight away from the door. Some less experienced players get bloodlust then and forget about the objective so that 1 stealth can sneak in and finish the job. 2) when a player dies he goes to the other side, testing the enemies ability to switch sides effectively. Some players call inc like “left”, “right” and that can confuse their team m8s causing a whole bunch of defenders to go the other side to defend against just 1 player .
The tactic above is the main and to my knowledge the only one that works so it is usually used in case of experienced lvl 55 games where ppl do not leave the door unattended.
Defending tips
It should be obvious but let me repeat for better understanding
- Always fight at the doors, only leave the door when you run to help on the other side. And then do not stop for fights in the middle.
- Call incs, Best inc call will be something like “l2”, “r4”, or for more experienced “w3”, “e3”. The point is to make sure all players know what is the attacking force and how many should be deployed to help.
- From 2 stage on Ranged dps and healers, should be somewhere in the middle, in a spot they can observe both doors and heal/dps all that are on both sides . for this reason the fight should concentrate on the side of the doors that’s closer to mid
- “pushers” should always stay ready around bridges to push the first wave of attackers off.
- I player should be on every objective from the beginning. This is extremely important, in case of the second door where some ppl leave the door in front of the unopened bridge unguarded hoping the enemy will concentrate on the door that’s closest to them. (that is a very costly mistake, as many of my enemies have found out the hard way.)

Keep your fingers crossed for my resolve and you may yet see a lvl 55 gearing guide, as well as:
a) Crafting guide
b) Flashpoints and operations guide

and many more.
If any of you want to start compiling what you know and share them with the others feel free to send me guides made by you, to be posted on site next to mine. Any player who sends me a usefull guide (original content only pls, I don’t wanna punish you for plagiate ;p ) will be awarded a guild rank bump and a cash reward of 50 000 credits per guide . I hope to hear from all you experienced players out there.

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