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Usefull Star Wars links
Long live the Sons !!! And how has your week been? :)
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"Death to spies" 2

second part of my chapter
"Death to Spies"
"Death to Spies"

an excerpt from my short Star Wars based fan fic novel is now available for all to read. Please if you may, write in comments if you would like to read more or do you want to keep the site stictly guild related and unpolluted by my scribbler's walls of text :)
ops Rooster
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Quaser as healer lvl 50
Cardiv - as healer lvl 55
Smiert - as dps lvl 55
Shargos - as tank lvl 53
Slickx - tank lvl 50

We need 3 dps to start
Ops train starting - hop on:)
Looking for players lvl 50-55 to fill in our operations rotation. Please post in comments to this news, what role, lvl, and time envision for yourself, so i can make a roster.
Smier's happy warzone guide's%20happy%20warzone%20guide.docx
Current record - Wall of Fame
Wall of Fame
Security Question on the forum
Jak ma na nazwisko premier Donald ? - Tusk
Articles Hello all after a long brake:)
Rules Hey guys im the first quarter master of the guild bank so thought just put out some general guide lines concerning withdrawals and deposits: -If you do make a large withdrawal an explanation of its purpose would be appreciated. -If you withdraw it is expected that over time it is returned to the bank. I am going to start keeping logs of bank activity so members who do donate are recognised and future withdrawals will be justified, also respect for the bank will result in positive commendations from myself. :) Sorry if that was overly long winded, if anyone has any concerns, ideas or general feedback inbox me in game and ill try to get back to you swiftly :) -Faenar
Pvp Team oryginal
News To every men intrested in PvP game. Write to me (Oryginal or Oryginall). Im creating some sort of PvP group who will be joining WZ together. some sort of comunication (TS SKYPE) will be recommended ;)
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