Posted by Motherrussia888 on June 03 2012 06:46:30
A new leadership position opens in the guild. If you think you've got what it takes read more on how to become the Road Captain.
Extended News
Road Captain fulfills the role of a logistician and security chief for club sponsored runs or outings. The Road Captain maps out routes to be taken during runs, arranges the refueling, food and maintenance stops.

In Swtor terms this is the player who leads during an activity - be it pvp or pve and is to be listened to by all the members particpating in an activity.

As posted above, this is a leadership position. The first test of your leadership abilities is to gather a crew of 4 members (That is including you). This will be people who you are leading, at least untill they attain higher positions, or start their own crews. The point is for you to play together at least 3 times a week so it will be best if you choose active players.

Playing together will make you more efficient and organised. Crews may have (and should have for ropleplaying value) names, examples of such names include - Hell's Angels Filthy Few, the Outlaws' SS, the Pagans' Black T- shirt squad, and the Bandidos' Nomad Chapter which are real life crews inside above mentioned biker gangs.