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This article describes the main vision beyond the Sons of Olygachy Guild.
Extended News
Our activities will revolve around 4 main themes

- Role Playing. – we would like to stress that, as members of our guild you will not have to stay in character the whole time, but, especially when doing heroics, flashpoints and general group stuff together we encourage you to:

A) Act like a biker - Walking is for those schmucks who cannot appreciate the true Easy Rider freedom. Whenever your mission objectives require you to go someplace, you take out your bike and follow the leader. Every 4 people group should have a Road Captain, usually the most experienced member of the group who knows the game enough to ensure a smooth riding experience, and optimal route. The optimal approach would be for everyone to click follow the leader button, or adapt a seniority Riding Key. From time to time the President might order a show of force, a whole group parade through some planet , to show our numbers and our bikes.

B) Talk like a biker – While we invite all sides of the conflict we should remind you that a rules-obeying- sniveling –autocratic - control freak, or some goodie two shoes is not the optimal biker gang member :p. Whenever possible try to choose dialogue options to act as an agent of chaos, and mayhem. You do not need to be evil, just don’t call anyone sir … ever.

C) Live like a biker – If a member of the gang asks for your help you give it. That’s the long and short of it. You do not live your friends in a kaka. If you have an important reason, say it, don’t just reject invites. Constantly rejecting your gangs offers to join will get you demoted or in some cases thrown out. After all it is biker gang damn I t;p. If you wish to join the gang, but don’t like to socialize much, ask your chapter President to give you the Lone Wolf status. What it means is, you get the guilds honorary status, but you refuse to participate in group activities. Other members will see your status and will not send you invites.

D) Write your history. We would like to know more about You. Write what your character does, where he comes from, what is the source of his bike fascination. Make him a living breathing character instead of just a tank/healer /dps we are all used to. When registering on the forums please fill out the character history field.

- P v P. – A) – The Big four. – Ever heard of the Hell's Angels Filthy Few, the Outlaws' SS, the Pagans' Black T- shirt squad, and the Bandidos' Nomad Chapter? Ever wanted to be one of them ? Well now is the time. The goal here is to create a mobile force, that will rule the whole galaxy. If that fails we will settle for a second place … for now :p. Seriously though. We wish to make sure that our members get to know their strengths and weaknesses, to work effectively as a mean green fightin’ machine. We want to have as many as possible groups of 4 players who try to play together most of the time and work out effective teamwork strategies.

- P v E. – This is pretty much the same as we covered above. Whenever you feel like bashing a few sculls you call your mates and you do it together. SWTOR encourages groups of players, since both the loot and rewards are adjusted in big player group’s favor.

- Crafting. – An important role in every MMO game, SWTOR included is the art of in-game creation of weapons, armor and medicine. As a gang we would like to implement a kind of a pyramid scheme that, will hopefully make everyone happy.

Players advancing in the guild, and earning the rights that come with new levels, including the right to order a certain kind of weapon or armor for themselves.
Below you’ll see the current roles that you could play in the Sons of Oligarchy if you choose to join. The positions will at first be assigned on a first come first served basis, meaning, that founding members of the guild will have a certain advantage. That is intended because we actually want to include new members for the guild to actually work. All positions, with the exception of elected officials such as the Galactic President, Chapter President and Quarter Master can be earned through merit and hard work ;p.

Galactic President
Currently one of the founders of the club. This position will may be yours however if you can show all members that you are worthy of it.

Chapter President
This person has either claimed the position or has been voted in. He has final authority over all chapter business and members.
Chapter president is in charge of a specific server. Usually the founder of one of Sons of Oligarchy’s chapters. He has all the authority over guild members on his own server and can run his post with minimal or no changes, as long as he adhears to the code.

This is usually the member with the best writing skills and probably the most education. He will maintain the chapter roster and maintain a crude accounting system. He is also responsible for collecting dues, keeping minutes and paying for any bills the chapter accumulates. He is responsible for the club's money and collecting dues from members. He will relocate resources from the fief box and on the crafters. He will also distribute crafted gear.

Galactical Enforcer
This person answers directly to the President. This is the highest level, most badass fighter in a given chapter. He acts as a body guard and gives out punishment for club violations. This the person responsible for hunting down all wrong doers when ordered so by the president. This position will shift since the only way to become the Enforcer is by defeating him in a public duel.

Chapter Sergeant at Arms
This person is in charge of maintaining order at club meetings. Because of the violent nature of outlaw gangs this person is normally the strongest member physically and is loyal to the chapter president. He may administer beatings to fellow members for violations of club rules. He is the club enforcer.

Road Captain
This person fulfills the role of a logistician and security chief for club sponsored runs or outings. The Road Captain maps out routes to be taken during runs, arranges the refueling, food and maintenance stops.

This is the self appointed encyclopedia for Swtor. This is the guy who knows all the answers to your questions and is willing to answer them. Be it Club or Game related you can email him with questions and get your answers, or be redirected to them in a reasonable timeframe. The Loremaster is reimbursed for his services by gaining the honorary Embodiment of chaos status.

The rank and file, fully accepted and dues paying members of the gang. They are the individuals who carry out the president's orders and have sworn to live by the club's by-laws
Probate or prospective Member
This is where all new members start before advancing in either capacity. The probate member of the group cannot vote, and has limited rights as to ordering gear. This position changes after you advance through:

A- Wining PvP medals in honor of the club.
B – Crafting - and sharing the goods with other members
C – Organising Club raids such as Flashpoint, ops, and world bosses.
D- Helping out – ( Receiving a named commendation from another group member for assisting them - )
E - Roleplaying

Full Members
Members who prove themselves useful additions to the team can achieve one of six ranks:
Trouble maker –

Brawler –

Berserk –

Agent of Chaos–

Avatar of Chaos –

Associates or Honorary Members
An individual who has proved his value or usefulness to the gang. These individuals may be professional people who have in some manner helped the club. These people are allowed to party with the gang, either in town or on their runs; however, they do not have a voting status or wear colors.

Constitution or By-Laws
We do
- Help other members in any way we can, be it by assisting in a fight or questions about a game.
We do not
– harass lower rank members or other players. Proven infractions will result in a demotion or banishment.