Recruiting new members
Posted by Motherrussia888 on May 22 2012 10:17:34
This the general outline of recruitment for the guild. Check it out to see if you would like to become a member.
Extended News
We at re a small guild of friends, always on the lookout for mature, social and friendly players to play Swtor with. We do not restrict access to spec, race or class, we accept both Republicans and Imperials, all we do care about, is that you get on well with other guild members and adapt a relaxed attitude both to success and failure. We’re not going to force you to respec’ either, our concensus is you pay your subscription, so you choose how you play your class or career.
- In translation
- "if u r a noob u can join"
- "if u call other ppl noobs u not entering"
- "if U rage quit, act like a ….. and flame or troll this I not a guild for U"
- Most of our members are over 25 years of age, so we’re really looking for people over 18 and that have a mature attitude to join us. Mature doesn’t mean that you need to be extra serious, but it does mean you need to act like SWTOR isn’t THE ONLY THING you care about, cause that’s just plain silly ;p.
The Sons of Olygarchy is mostly into the PvP content of SWTOR Though we occasionally dabble in some PvE.
Play Style
What our guild is about is mentioned in more detail on the Guild Info page, however to summarise. Playing with the Sons of Anarchy is:
1. Not pressured
2. Fun
3. A learning experience
4. When we all learn our moves as a team – than we will KICK SOME BUTT AND CHEW BUBBLE GUM.
Probationary Period
The Sons of Anarchy has a minimum two week probationary period in place for all new recruits in all games that we play in. This is beneficial for both sides and it means that you can try us out and see if we’re the guild for you. Likewise we can see how you get on with the rest of the guild. Our friendly, relaxed atmosphere is very important to us and having a probationary period means that we can ensure the Sons of Anarchy continues to have this.
Promotion to Trouble Maker will occur once you’ve shown significant contribution to the guild’s activities. It does not automatically occur after your two week probationary period.
Guild Bank Access
The rank of Trouble Maker can view the guild bank tabs and deposit money or items however they’re not able to withdraw from the guild bank. If you require an item please speak with either a guild Quarter Master or a Sergeant at Arms (Officer)
Player Classes
We are recruiting from a wide range of player classes, current members are tank, healer, two dps……………………….
In terms of crafting, the guild needs ……………………………………………………..
We will not however base our choice of players solely on classes.
Playing time
• Not specified, will be built after more Members specify.
If you’re interested in joining our team then please speak to either the Chapter President (Guild Leader) or one of the Sergeant at arms (Guild Officers) in game.
Fenir– Guild Leader
………………… – Officer
………………… – Officer